iPhone 8 : Specifications, Release Date and Features

Apple is going to launch its next version, iPhone 8 on its 10th anniversary, and just like all its previous launches, the anticipation is nothing short of massive!
It has been a decade since the release of the first iPhone that changed the landscape of mobile phones, back in the year 2007. So, on its 10th anniversary, the latest model of iPhone 8 has possibilities of being named as iPhone X, iPhone Pro, or it might even come up with a completely new name. Expected Price of iPhone 8 in India is 62,000/- Rupees. 
Let us check out what all new stuff the latest baby of the iPhone family is about to come up with.

iPhone 8 release date:
Out of all other iPhone anticipations, the release date probably tops the list. Going by the past patterns, Apple has been revealing all its release dates during the first half of September, particularly either on a Tuesday or Wednesday, since the declaration of iPhone 5 release date. Apple has already declared an upcoming event for September 12 so this might work as one good hint.

Also, going by the past records of its release dates, iPhone 8 can be expected to be released during the second half of September, probably on 22 September or 23 September.

What’s new in iPhone 8 design:
One of the latest features that the current models of competitor brands are following suit is the ramping up of the model’s screen to body ratio. Earlier this year, LG G6 debuted such a design which was followed quickly by Samsung Galaxy S8. iPhone 8 is also expected to come up with such a design, for which features like Home button and touch fingerprint scanner has to be removed from the front part of the handset.

From recent depictions, some of the expected Features of iPhone 8 could be a 3D facial recognition sensor, which will appear in the form of a protrusion on the top of the phone, as an alternative to the fingerprint sensor. There have also been depictions of dummy versions of iPhone 8 with a glass back; that would allow for wireless charging; along with the dual camera and metallic sides.

There are rumours doing the rounds, regarding the addition of a new “Blush Gold” colour for the newest member of the iPhone family.

What’s new in iPhone 8 specs:
The greatest news about iPhone 8 is that finally it will be seen with an OLED display. Let us see some of the amazing Specifications of iPhone 8. Now, what’s an OLED display? Well, unlike the conventional LCD displays, OLED screen pixels can produce their own light, which rules out the requirements of backlight that would save battery power. This feature will also help in widening the colour gamut and improving the dynamic range.

For navigations, the bottom of the screen may be portioned off for functions. The new display area at the bottom of the screen can be used to provide custom controls that would depend upon the type of apps used.

iPhone 8: Specifications, Release Date

Talks have been doing rounds that iPhone 8 would borrow the ambient light adjusting true-tone display technology of iPad Pro, under a new “True Colour” display monitor.

Analysts have come up with the prediction that iPhone 8 would come with a revolutionary 3D sensing front camera, that would allow for augmented reality applications in the future.
Final Conclusion

With all the speculations that are doing the rounds, it is better to have patience and wait for its ultimate release to decide whether iPhone 8 is worth all our anticipations. Buy iPhone 8 and enjoy exploring it.


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